Holga & Diana Course this weekend

In an age of digital imagery, the popularity of these unpredictable little plastic cameras has steadily grown to cult status. Maybe it’s because they’re cheap and accessible, because there are only very limited settings, or maybe it’s because they produce the kind of ethereal asthetic that appears only as a result of their light leaks and low quality plastic lenses. Unpredictable as they are however, for those in the know, there are still methods and techniques to direct the outcome of your images.

If you have fallen in love with one of these little plastic beasties, but want some help to understand and tame it, this Sunday’s Holga & Diana course is for you.

This half day workshop begins at the studio, finishes with a guided shooting session around Brighton and includes:

• A short history of your camera
• Understanding your camera and how it works
• How to load film properly
• Photographic techniques for Holga & Dianas
• 120 film, different types & recommendations
• Advice & common mistakes when developing
• A guided “photowalk” around Brighton

The course runs from 11 - 3 and costs £75 including two films. For more information or to book your place, call 01273 609600 or email

Front men

Hi there Kenny here. I’m posting a blog as it’s been ages. I’m currently working on a project called ‘Front Men’.
I was a front man in a band for years and it seems obvious that I should turn my camera on what I once was. It’s all to easy to take what you see on stage as the person but I know it is as much of an act as the tunes themselves. I want to seperate the men from the rest of the band and shoot them against a black backdrop, leaving them hanging in a dark void. It’s essential that they are not looking into the lens as I want them to be disconnected from the audience in total contrast to their usual enviroment.
I’ve found moments of vunerability and quietness in these intimate moments. It’s quite an in-your-face set up that I use, making it impossible not to be in the subjects face, which seems to help. It seems almost to intimidate the sitter into disconnection. The set up entails two lights – one is a soft box as a rim light and the other is gridded from above with a reflector pushing back up into the eyes. Here is a video of a couple of shoots:

Video shot by “Matt Martin”

Here are some other finished images.

Front man

Front men

If your a front man I want to shoot you. Get in touch at the studio or on

Portraiture Course this Sunday: 1 PLACE LEFT

This Sunday the full day Portraiture Course is running from 10-6pm (£155) and there is still one space available.

The course is open to people of all abilities, aimed at those who wish to understand the principles involved in creating a interesting and arresting portrait.

Throughout the day you will:

* Discover the key principles involved in portraiture
* Explore and analyse the work of seminal photographers
* Learn Studio lighting set ups and techniques
* Exploration your individual style and avenues of development
* Learn how to interact with models in order to take the most interesting portraits

As with all our courses the day is taught with a very hands on, practical approach. There is an emphasis not only on learning the technical aspects of lighting, but also development of your personal style.

If you would like any more information, or if you wish to book the final place email, or call 01273 609600

Model Test

Kevin has been shooting some new faces from Profile. Here is Lizzie and Billie who likes to come and hang out at our studio a lot. All studios need a cute little dog to come in and break hearts occasionally.

Shot on Neopan 400- no idea why its quite grainy, but we like it this way…..

Summer Rain is still with us and…..

we have been very quiet on the blog posts for a while now, don’t worry we haven’t disappeared or not found anything of interest to tell you about, but instead we’ve just been far too busy to update here. Hopefully we will change that after this weekend and show you some of the things we have been doing. Expect some updates on Kennys FrontMan project, which is looking great, a post from our newest team member Matt Martin looking into the world of zines, and some model tests for Profile by Kevin. We hope that the somewhat reluctant summer isn’t stopping you from making new work, projects and getting out and about with your cameras. Check back with us soon, GS.