Heavy Artillery ‘Haters’ show gallery


Yep thats right, you can now see all of the photographs from the Heavy Artillery ‘Haters’ show, pop up studio.

all you have to do is click this link:

Its as simple as that.

Garage Studios Phone is off the hook

We are having some building work done to the office area, and improvements to the Model/MakeUp/Changing area of the studio, so our landline phone is off right now but should be back on Weds afternoon. If you need to reach us then please just mail and either Matt or Kevin should be able to pick the mails up.

Oh and we’ll post some pictures when its done so you can see how grand and swish it all looks.

Thats all, GS crew.

Heavy Artillery Crew - Haters Show

Heavy Artillery’s Haters Show from Garage Studios on Vimeo.

Last night we took the pop up studio down to the Heavy Artillery Crew’s new art exhibition called Haters at the Prescription Art Gallery in Brighton.

Thanks to all those who made it happen, the HA crew for being so welcoming, Mary & Dave for being the best assistants / clip board girl and everyone we took a photo off.

Here is the video of the shots and they will all be up on the site next week some time, so watch this space.

Brighton Camera Fair

Yesterday it was the first ever Brighton Camera Fair. Photographers and camera collectors of all shapes and sizes went to Brighton Race Course to look at the biggest collection of cameras under one roof we have ever seen.

There was a fantastic turn out and the place was packed with people bargain hunting and admiring the cameras on sale. There was everything from the latest top of the range Canon Digital lenses to large format big wooden boxes that the photographer has to hide under a cloth to shoot and every thing, and we mean everything in between.

The fair was part organised by Paul from Clock Tower Cameras and he told us that the fair was such a success that they are planning on running a few next year as well. So watch this space as we’ll keep you posted when we know more.

Here are a few snaps from the day to give you an idea of what it was like:






Brighton Fresher's Ball 2009 @ The Brighton Centre


So here they are all the portraits, group shots and madness from last Friday nights Brighton Fresher’s Ball  at the Brighton Centre. The Garage Studios pop-up studio again getting great shots from one of Brighton’s events. The Fresher’s ball and all of USSU and UBSU students looking great and fitting into the sets now from GangUp, Pride, Fight Night.

If you would like to get hi-res print or copy of the file please get in contact here and send us the URL of your image.

Brighton Freshers Ball

Spot yourself in the video….?

Garage Studios at Brighton Freshers Ball from Garage Studios on Vimeo.

Garage Studios at Brighton Freshers Ball

Last friday night we took the pop-up studio down to the Freshers Ball at the Brighton Centre and set up in the foyer. From 10pm until around 3am we shot portraits, group shots and general craziness of those in attendance.

We used a real simple lighting set-up, as we didnt want to take up too much space and found a space to put up one of the Bowens 500w with a beauty dish on it, simple, speedy and no disruption. We probably got through approx 500 shots in that time period and met some ace people who were kinda amazed that we were giving these images away lo-res for free, we aim to have a gallery of all the shots up hopefully this afternoon or first thing tomo. If you are in the shots, and would like to get a print, or a hi-res printable file then we will add a way to do this onto the site real soon.

We are really enjoying this approach now, having done GangUp, Pride, Fight Night and the Freshers Ball, but trying to change up our lighting style each time. If you have an event and want killer shots of the night, or shots of the people in attendance then just drop us a line on our contact page. You’ll find we can fit to most budgets and can do anything from bringing custom backdrops, to just rocking up and shooting against whats there already. It a service that can be as big or small as you need it to be….

heres a few shots below, but keep checking in for more today…. and there are a few on the DD blog as well….

Garage Studios-Pop Up studio at Freshers Ball 2009

Garage Studios-Pop Up studio at Freshers Ball 2009

Garage Studios-Pop Up studio at Freshers Ball 2009

Garage Studios-Pop Up studio at Freshers Ball 2009

Garage Studios-Pop Up studio at Freshers Ball 2009

Garage Studios-Pop Up studio at Freshers Ball 2009

[caption id="attachment_1642" align="alignnone" width="652" caption="Garage Studios-Pop Up studio at Freshers Ball 2009"]Garage Studios-Pop Up studio at Freshers Ball 2009[/caption]
Garage Studios-Pop Up studio at Freshers Ball 2009

Garage Studios-Pop Up studio at Freshers Ball 2009

DSLR User Magazine features our HotShot course

If you go down to the shops today, your sure of a big surprise……why?

Well because there is a big fat juicy article on Garage Studios HotShots course with lomokev in this months DSLR User Magazine.

The lovely Charlotte Griffiths who writes for this mag as well as several others came along to the last HotShots course we did and had a great time by all accounts. You can see some more of her shots from the course here.

If you’d like to find out more about the Hotshot course or any of the other courses we run, why not get in contact with us by clicking here.

hotshots DSLR 1

hotshots DSLR 2

Trick or Treat - Fight Night

A little while ago we did some photographs for Sol Gilbert of ZT Fight skool for his website. You can see some of the images here on our past Blog Post.

Sol mentioned that he organises the Fight Nights that take place at Hove Town Hall. These are the kind of events where there is a big boxing ring in the middle of a hall and lots of tables around. The kind of fights that were happening were Boxing, Kick Boxing and Mixed Marshal Arts. Well we jumped at the chance to do some photography at these events and asked if we could go back stage and shoot some of the fighters, just as they finish their bouts and come back stage.

What an interesting night it was, the atmosphere was amazing and seeing how these things run was brilliant. We got some amazing images of the fighters, who we’d like to thank them and everyone involved in the night for being so helpful. This is an on going project and we are going to try and do lots more of these back stage portraits.

Here are some of our favorites for you, more to come in the future at some point:








Creative Photography students work in the News

The Creative Photography Course at Garage studios is three weeks into the new program, and as always it is inspiring to see new students, those who are highly proficient with their equipment and those who are new to photography, pursuing creative directions and pushing new subject and content ideas.


Andy Parker a student on the first creative course and friend of the studio has recently provoked discussion and interest in the way only he can through a series of images, which began as his response to one of the briefs set on the course. His views and images were picked up as a story by Brighton’s Argus newspaper and the  article can be read here on their site.

Those unfamiliar with Andy’s work can visit his flickr stream here. More information and details of his work can be found on his website Avangelist Photography as well as more news on his BBC Feature story interview on the same project, due to be aired this evening monday the 5th of October.

Goto  the course description page for more information and details for the Creative Course