New work by Dave Imms

Following up to his ‘Butchers’ series, Dave Imms’ recent work involves pictures of squash players. He has photographed them immediately after playing a competitive game. It is called ‘Squash Players’.

I want this set of images to be clinical but also resonate a sense of grit. I think a lot of that is done by the arena of the squash court with it’s hard lines and colourless walls, but it also comes from within the nothingness of the sitter. Simply, this person has nothing left to give.

There is something about the human condition that interests me. Not only is it the physical (sweat, aches and pains), but the mental…The things we put ourselves through in the name of leisure…”

You can see more of this, and more from Dave Imms HERE.

Vintage Owl Boutique Shoot

The girls from Vintage Owl Boutique have had a busy summer so far. Not only have they been taking the Vintage fairs by storm, but they’ve also just joined the ASOS market place, not bad for a first year of trading. To celebrate their first birthday, they asked Garage Studios Shoot. All the clothes are original vintage pieces

Photography: Beth Steddon, Stylists: Jennie Davies and Cassie Heighton, MUA Gemma Wheatcroft, Hair: Alex Graham, Assistant: Bob Prosser

LOU O’ BEDLAM: Talk and workshop prize give away

Anticipation is brewing for the return of LA Photographer Lou O’Bedlam next weekend. Last years sessions were a resounding success and we are very much looking forward to once again hosting his talk and popular portrait masterclasses. Details of all the session can be found on this link

As it this wasn’t exciting enough, we are offering one place on the Sunday Advanced Portrait Masterclass, and one place on the Friday night talk absolutely FREE! All you need to do is retweet, or post this offer, and send a mail to before 4 pm today (Friday 17th), and we’ll pick the winners from a hat and contact them before the end of the day. It’s as simple as that.

For those of you who don’t win a place, we are also offering a 20% discount on both of these sessions to all bookings requested by 7 pm on Sunday night.

Studio Lighting part 2 in July

Do you need to up your lighting game? Stuck in a rut with the same set-ups over and over again… but find yourself looking at work around you and want your shots to have the same impact.

Then maybe you should consider our Studio Lighting Part 2. This is for serious studio lighting photographers only, if you consider yourself confident in ability but lacking some technical knowledge or some ideas then have a look at this course.

It runs next on the 16th/17th July and will be taught by Kevin Mason and a lighting technician (also a full time photographer). Kevin’s work has recently appeared in a Lighting Guide alongside the work of Miles Aldridge, Rankin and Perou.

This 2 day course will be a chance to explore a new approach to lighting, working hands-on with a small number of students, if you want an intensive course to step up your lighting game then we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed in this, it will stretch your and fire your imagination.

A place on this course costs £450 (this will rise soon when we move studios) to find out more details go here.

Some examples of Kevins work…


As you may know we are all about supporting emerging photographers here, we sponsored a Brighton Uni student in her 3rd year, we put out Matt Martin’s first solo show (which got picked up and put on in London) and we just recently created the emerging photographers Bursary which gathered even more momentum when Photoworks and Spectrum became partners, and have paid for the first edition print run of a new book created by We Are Lucky.

If you don’t put the good karma in somewhere then this industry will bite you in the arse, and emerging talent also keeps us all on our toes. So with that in mind, we’d like you to check out, and maybe even buy this zine by brighton photographer Milo Belgrove. Click the link.

He just dropped one of at the studio and its well worth the almost appallingly low price of £3.50. Zines make photography both interesting and collectable, and you can quickly build up a library of fresh talent, and you never know you may buy something that one day is worth the kind of cash that Dash Snow zines fetch… just maybe….

If you want to learn more about zines then Matt Martin will be running a course here, after Kevin and him return from their USA coast-to-coast road trip.

Expos/Gallery Shows

A couple of weeks back we took a little culture trip to London and visited some exhibitions which will be well worth your time, and as an added bonus all of the shows are free.

The first one, a retrospective on British photographer Paul Graham at the Whitechapel Gallery closes on the 19th June, which is this Sunday. It is a huge collection of his work and as this photographer has played a incredibly influential role in shaping photography in Britain we really recommend you make it along before it closes.

Paul’s work takes a unflinching look at life with subjects as diverse as dole offices in the 80′s from the work “Beyond Caring” and the ‘great’ route of the A1. This is the first major retrospective of his work, and also includes his more recent images made in America for “A Shimmer of Possibility”. The standard of printing alone is worth a visit, as is the reproduction of the sheer poverty and desperation of 80′s England, and the troubles in Northern Ireland, before the beauty of some of his later work. The overexposed series American Night definitely take on a very different meaning in a gallery, where as in a book they just don’t translate at all- somehow on this scale they do appear to hurt the eye in the way the sun in the Southern states can, and not, as in the book, just give the impression of bad printing.

Paul Graham, New Orleans (Cajun corner), from the series Shimmer of Possibility

Paul Graham Texas, 2005, (Pepsi Walkers), from the series A Shimmer of Possibility

Guardian Interview with Paul Graham. and this Guardian link is worth it just for the comments alone.
As always the fantastic site American Suburb X has a wealth of good content on Paul Graham’s work, here

Also currently on show at Tate Modern is a room dedicated to the prints of Diane Arbus. The 2005 Revelations at the V+A, was undoubtedly the most inspiring expo that we have been to see and although the Tate Modern expo is much smaller in scale it still shows some of Arbus’ finest work as well as a chance again to see her prints up close, they really have a different depth and resonance to them as opposed to when viewed in a book or onscreen. Photography should after all be about prints, and take this chance to go and see some brilliant work.

Diane Arbus Teenage couple on Hudson Street, NYC, 1963

Arbus essays and further reading on American SuburbX

Finally, but by no means lesser than the other two, is Roid at Spruth Magers an exhibition of over 100 previously unseen Polaroids by Philip-Lorca Dicorcia read Press release here again please note this closes for the final time on Sat 18th June.

Dicorcia is one of the masters of turning the built environment into his studio, in his hands the streets become theatre and with his lighting flourishes he heightens drama and converts ‘real people’ into momentary actors whose narrative we can only guess at.

Further reading on Dicorcia on American SuburbX

So there’s a quick round up, we haven’t reviewed the work, but theres a wealth of information in the links included, and 3 very different exhibitions of work on an extremely varied scale and subject matter, presented in three contrasting ways. If this doesn’t leave you walking away inspired about photography after at least one of the three then we suggest putting down the camera for a long long time. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Oh and a word of caution Do Not Enter the bookshop (it will leave you with a very empty wallet) and we can heartily recommend some well deserved Beer and BBQ afterwards, you can, after all, have too much culture in one day….


Jess Eaton

So we posted one of the images from Wednesday’s shoot of Jess Eaton’s collection, here are some of our favourites from the day. All hair and make-up by Jess Eaton (she has many skills) all shot by Kevin, with Lighting by Kevin and Kenny, and assisted by Zoe Baker and Beth Steddon.

Models, Ellie, Jocasta, Fanny and Martha.

All fur/feathers etc in this collection are from donations/roadkill or by products of natural death etc- this will no doubt be a fairly controversial body of work by Jess. The pieces themselves have been incredibly beautifully made, with a flair but also intense attention to detail. They are, no matter what your take on the ethics, a real delight to photograph, and we have no doubt you’ll be seeing pieces appear in Fashion Magazines real soon.

Spindle Magazine- Issue 4

So Spindle launches again tonight, and we are very excited to see this issue. We shot a cover that we are really proud of, finding an amazing model and working a strong shoot out of it as well, with the body fabulous Rene Campbell. Also very keen to see the full spread of Natasha Alipour-Faridani’s Menswear shoot which she shot fairly recently in London.

Heather does an incredible job with this magazine, especially when print media is still struggling to find an audience, so come down to the launch at The Haunt, Brighton tonight from 11pm and grab a copy, buy a beer, show some support for Heather, her team and all the contributors. We love shooting covers for Spindle, as well as shooting the Source covers, its a real privilege to work with both magazines, that are staffed by very dedicated teams and are at the heart of Brighton culture.

Issue 4 is titled “Perfection?” consists of interviews with child beauty queen Chloe Steadman and we photographed the amazing Rene, female bodybuilder and our new cover star, as well as fashion interviews with Mr Lipop and Fam Irvoll.

Here is a shot of Kevin with Rene. Photography, clearly not a healthy lifestyle….

Brighton Fashion Week: Couture Show

As most of Brighton will know, last weekend was the now annual Brighton Fashion Week, which this year was bigger and brighter than ever. There were some fantastic designers showing their collections on the catwalk, and Garage Studios were behind the scenes capturing the flurry of activity with before and after shots of the model. Here’s some of the best bits of the Couture Show which took place on Friday including pieces from Jess Eaton’s much publicised “Roadkill Couture” collection.. Enjoy!

Brighton Frocks images coming soon…

Jess Eaton- Roadkill Collection

Yesterday we spent many hours shooting the new collection of Brighton based Jess Eaton which debuted at Brighton Fashion Week Couture Show last friday.

This is just a little taster of what’s to come, shot by Kevin, lit in equal parts by Kevin Mason/Kenny McCracken and assisted by Zoe Baker/Beth Steddon.