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We are pleased to say that we are on the cover of the new Bowens Litebook, the creative photography lighting magazine. We use a lot of Bowens equipment in our studio and location shoots and this must have caught the eye of the magazine editor who contacted us to find out more about the studio. The cover of the issue is a detail of the DeadDeadDead zombie shoot that we did some months back and its great to see it used in print.

If you want to view the mag online then follow this link Litebook

We are a bit confused as to who Sam is , he’s quoted at the end of the article- but its great that people are recognising the effort that goes into these shoots- and we are happy to help with any lighting queries or equipment questions you may have. Cheers Bowens for the coverage.


Rankin Shoots Louis Banks

You may remember a while back we introduced you to Louie Banks an incredibly talented young photographer, who is still at college and yet putting out the kind of work that would shame most other photographers. He has produced a lot of stunning fashion shoots already- doing a lot of the styling and art direction himself. Well it seems that its not just the Garage Studios crew that can spot talent- because he has just been shot by Rankin- yes thats right, that Rankin. We have one of the images here that was shot at the Dazed and Confused studio.

Louie Banks by Rankin

Louie Banks by Rankin

This guy will go far I am sure. Also look out soon for a Garage Studio/Banks collaboration as we have invited him to shoot one of the Source magazine covers for us- as the editor James Kendall is also a huge fan of his work- its about a month down the line but keep your eyes peeled for his name, we are confident that you are going to be seeing a lot more of it.

Photography Experiments - Light Works

So heres some background to the delicious new shots we have been banging out at the studio, shot by DD with some Art Direction by M.Halls. Dont be tricked into thinking that this was done in post production- apart from a slight tweak on the contrast- this was all done in camera. Hopefully you can see this from the set-up shots below.

So here is one of the finished images, of the brilliant model Skin, who came down from Scotland for this shoot…..

Neon fashion by DarkDaze @ Garage Studios

Neon fashion by DarkDaze @ Garage Studios

So heres a bit about how we did this….

Matt had been shooting some bikes for a Fixed Gear book that is coming out soon, the same one i went to Italy for a few months back, and the product shoots werent that exciting- bikes being pretty 2d and hard to shoot. I suggest painting the light in on some long exposures, with a torch maybe, or a bit like my mobile phone lit portraits- but next time I came in found matt waving a big flourescent tube about over the bike. The shots began to look really exciting. I managed to convince him that we should use this idea for the next Source cover- but jazz it up a bit- and taking this idea further he put thin strips of gel over the tubes- and on an 8s exposure, walked the light around the band- or as in the shot below to accompany the interview- just walked behind them. We used a Bowens 500w to freeze the band members in place- and told them to keep still- and hey presto- a fairly sharp image.

Transformer- Group Shot

Skin, a brilliant model, and stunning girl came down from Scotland and wanted to book in a shoot- and had with her some pretty good latex dresses. Now I get hella tired of a lot of the trad fetish shoots out there- all that girls in bathrooms and lying on lino floors- its a bit played out now- so we decided to push this towards a fashion editorial edge. I asked Stevi and Emma to help with the styling and see what they could bring and not only did they want to push the 80′s look that I was going for, and put it together perfectly, but also made a killer hat brim, modelled on the classic kylie cover shot- which you can see Skin wearing above, plus they threw in some ace accessories.

So back to the technical, I lit Skin with a Bowens 500W, beauty dish, high up and to camera right, you can see it in the set up below. Its a great clean light, and metered at around f8. We then tested the flouro tube behind which seemed to need about 2 seconds to drag it across the frame behind and leave a smooth trail. Then as in the pic below we had 2 small tubes one each side, that carve the looping shapes into the left and right of the frame. To ensure that we didnt get fringing or a blurred face, all tube lights were kept out of frame until the flash had fired. Skin then waited a fraction of a second, for Matt to start moving the background light to the right of the frame, as she hit a certain point she blocked the backlight, and as you can see in the shot above, makes a shadow effect on the lightwall. At the same time, the handheld tube on the left of frame was swinging upwards which pushed back some of the detail of the face- by throwing too much light onto the camera sensor and overexposing that edge.

It probably took about 25 attempts to get this lead shot above right- but was worth the effort, its a lot of timings to get spot on, and marks to be hit. We did a couple of more set-ups but this is the shot of the day for sure….

But thats how we did it, in case you wondered.

So hopefully this has got your creative ideas flowing. If you want to book us for a shoot then please just drop an email, we cover all aspects from Shoot Production, casting models, Hair and Mke-Up, Styling, Art Direction and Photography- and if you want to get involved in the whole process thats fine by us. Just let us know what the brief is and we can tailor a shoot for your needs.

The Garage-Studios team.

A wide shot, of the set-up for DarkDaze shooting fashion at Garage Studios

A wide shot, of the set-up for DarkDaze shooting fashion at Garage Studios

DD shooting

DD shooting

We're featured in Digital Photographer Magazine

Yes that’s right, its a two page spread in the wonderful Digital Photographer magazine.

Not much more to say about it that it doesn’t say itself… so have a read, oh and keep your eyes out for some more press coming up in a few other publications…..we’re spreading the word…and the word is Garage Studios.

Also keep your eye out for up coming issues of Digital Photographer Magazine for another feature with us in!!!

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