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Here at Garage Studios its a massive hive of activity.

We are frantically working towards Kevin Mason’s first exhibition in two years…. the mammoth show that is ‘Your Life is My Vanity Project’ that we are very proudly showing as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival.

The show is really coming together, with lots of test prints all around the studio, Kevin utilizing a G5, mac mini & Macbook Pro and more screens than NORAD ever had. The very limited edition book of the project is also taking shape. Matt is also putting together a unique way of exhibiting 30 weeks of photo shoots…..its all looking very good.

At the moment we need people to help put the show together, publicized the exhibition and studio sit while the show is on.

If you’d like to help us out at Garage Studios, in return for studio time, help with your work or places on our courses…….please get in touch at

"Your life is my vanity project" approaches at Garage Studios

Matt Halls’ view of the fast approaching exhibition ‘Your life is my vanity project’ by Kevin Mason

Having known Kevin and his work for quite some time it is with great excitement and interest that I wait for Vanity projects conclusion and presentation.

Your Life is My vanity Project- Press Image-1

In the last few months all the normal planning and preparation for an exhibition has been happening here at the studio, scanning rescanning and retouching with a team of enthusiastic helpers joining forces to cope with sheer volume of work this project has produced. It is in this volume and the way in which the project concludes that I find a great interest.

Being a man that likes to understand everything nuance and detail of a subject before starting to discuss it let alone present my views or work on the matter.  We are currently producing press release’s, preparing files for print and personally I am trying to visualize how to present the work in the studio. All of this whilst Kevin has yet to shoot  Georgie Hobday for the last 2 weeks of the project, a way of working that would strike fear into me


But most importantly to me is the narrative throughout the last 30 weeks, where does it start, how does the viewer read a narrative and where will the project end as Kevin concludes with the final shot of Georgie on the day the exhibition opens.

I, like everybody else on the first nights opening will be eager to see  from where this project started what it has become and what can be learnt from it about the photographer, the model and photography.

The exhibition dates will be:

Friday 7 May 6PM – 10PM
Saturday 8 May 10:30AM – 8PM
Sunday 9 May 10:30AM – 8PM
Saturday 29 May 10:30AM – 8PM
Sunday 30 May 10:30AM – 8PM
Bank Holiday Monday 31 May 12PM – 4:30PM

The exhibition is FREE entry and there will be a Invite Only Private View on Thursday 6th May. If you would like futher information about recieving an invite to the private view contact

Garage Studios Pop-Up Studio at Glug 3

On Friday night, we took the Garage Studios Pop-Up Studio to the Glug 3 Brighton networking night for a special photography session.

It was a great night - with guest talks from Blast Theory, I Love Dust & Freefarm, live art, a show reel of animations from the Brighton Animators Networking Group & we were on hand to take portraits of some of the Gluggers who attended.

We collaborated with the amazing illustrator, Matt Sewell who created a piece of live art as the background for our portraits - creating a large-scale painting of a volcano erupting!

Watch the animations we created out of the photographs we took on the night -

Keep an eye on this blog - we’ll be posting up all of the portraits we took in the next week.

Studio Lighting Taster: Guest Blogger

My names Kris Mitchell, and I have an addiction: Photography!

One thing I love about living in Brighton is that there is always something going on, and last Thursday was no different. I had the pleasure of going to Garage Studios the other night when they hosted a free Studio Lighting “Taster” session.

The boys (and Tash) at the Garage Studios were kind enough to put on a super condensed, 1 night only version of their Studio Lighting courses just to give some people the chance to have a play around with some equipment that most of them may never have had a chance to try before.

Heading down to the studio I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would we be sitting down and watching some boring slideshow, listening to the guys bang on about their work? Would we get a chance to play around with the gear, or would we just be innocent bystanders watching Kevin snap pictures of glamorous models and let us look at the back of the camera?

Well, upon arrival I have to admit, I was a little worried - There were two white boxes towards the far end of the studio and a projector setup on a table, however, after a very short 15 minute “Anatomy of an Image” & a run through of the “Why’s & Why Not’s” when it comes to choosing to use studio flash, with some of Kevin Mason’s images projected on the wall, it was down to business.

The projector went away, up went four 8 foot dividers, out came 2 models (the lovely Rosy and excellent Kirk), and suddenly we were faced with three separate areas to shoot in!

A “White” space - Wondering what those white boxes were for? It gave something for Rosy to pose on.

A “Black” space - An area where Tash was able to use three lights with different modifiers on them to show how it effects the final image.

A portrait space with a Ring Flash - This was good fun for people to be there own models.

garage blog-2

garage blog-1

garage blog-3

Standing aside and giving a little direction, Kevin & Tash let everybody have a chance to play around with the equipment, interact with the models and ask any question that came to mind. After a little trepidation at the beginning it soon descended into an evening of friendly banter, with people who at first weren’t sure they were doing things right were soon interacting with the models, trying out different angles instead of just shooting straight on, and just having a good time of it.

Unfortunately, the evening came to a close far to early. Well… I say early, we did get to play around for two and a half hours, and learn a few new things. I think the thing I enjoyed most was that there was no “hard sell”, no “big pitch”. Not once was there any mention of any of the courses or services the studio provides. The focus was on having fun and genuinely interacting with the people who had taken the time to come out. It was a short evening, but it was a great evening.

Here are two shots from the session:



Kris Mitchell is on:


Win a Print from the Vanity Project- Photography Competition

Kevin is giving away a print from Week 27 of the Vanity Project shot on Bronica Etrsi on 4 year expired slide film at Queens Park last week. The image will be approx 29cmx38cm. This is a previously unreleased shot and will be signed by the Artist as a Master proof copy.

CLOSED_ WON BY @graemefraserCLOSED_ WON BY @graemefraser

EDIT: Extended until 6.30pm as some people arent on Twitter are saying its a bit unfair- so if yr not then just mail info below…

Your Life is My Vanity Project- Week 27

To stand a chance of winning all you need to do is tweet this blog post, which will help us promote the exhibition.

Just copy this code

Then send us an email at with your name and address, and twitter name so we can see the post, only one entry per address/email account etc, if you arent in the UK then you’ll also have to cover your postage if you win….

We will draw the names out of a hat at 5pm today (Friday 23rd April). There will only be one winner- one print, and if we receive multiple entries from the same person you’ll be disqualified…

Press Release

Further Info

Brighton Fashion Week Video

When we were shooting for Brighton Fashion Week, Basement Film Productions came down and shot a little promo and here it is…. Behind the scenes post soon…

A little taster video from Basement Films of our shoot for Brighton Fashion Week at Garage.

Brighton Fashion Week.

We can finally release the images we shot for Brighton Fashion Week. The concept was taking a model from Mannequin to Catwalk in four stages. I will post a full blog soon with the storyboard and sketches etc but here for now are the images.

The model is Georgina Bevan from Storm, who was fantastic, one of the best models I have worked with. Concept by Kevin, Set/Art Direction M.Halls, Lighting K.Mason and Natasha Alipour-Faridani.

Brighton Fashion Week Image 1

Brighton Fashion Week Image 1

Brighton Fashion Week Image 2

Brighton Fashion Week Image 2

Brighton Fashion Week Image 3

Brighton Fashion Week Image 3

Brighton Fashion Week Image 4

Brighton Fashion Week Image 4

Full blog post soon, just excited to show these…. Cheers, Kev

Your life is my vanity project, Press release


‘What would be the point in being in a photograph if you could choose who saw it?’

Georgie Hobday.

6th May - Press launch

7th, 8th, 9th May

29th, 30th and 31st May

As one of Brighton’s most in demand fashion photographers Kevin Mason has seen hundreds of the most interesting girls appear in front of his lens. But a chance encounter in a cafe with 16 year-old Georgie Hobday led to a project that developed into 30 weeks of photoshoots over 8 months.

Coming at a huge point of change for the pair, both individually and in their relationship, the thousand photos of ‘Your Life Is My Vanity Project’ plot the important transformations both physically and emotionally as Georgie turns 17 and Kevin embraces a complete U-turn in his photographic outlook.

Across a range of film formats - from large format and Polaroids to Boots disposables - eight months of shooting has revealed not just a huge range of images but has also brought Kevin to a completely new way of working. Adept at huge technical set up shots that took as long as weeks to plan and piece together, Georgie made Kevin stop, watch and engage.

So affecting was the project that it played a major part in Kevin killing off his world famous DarkDaze alter ego in favour of embracing this relaxed way of photography. He even started using his real name. This isn’t just a collection of photos - it’s a life-changing event for the photographer at a time when his model is going through at least as many changes.

Week one begins as an endlessly repeating look of abject detachment, in 29 weeks (the project concludes at 30 weeks) have we learnt anything about the subject, the medium or who is in control? Each session Kevin set deliberately forced encounters, on location, in studio and in both photographer and subject’s house. But regardless of all these factors, all that exists each week is the distilled image of Georgie Hobday.

The context for these shots is never revealed, devoid of text or any explanation what remains is a fascinating look at a person as subject of scrutiny.

The work is being presented by Sponsors Garage Studios, Brighton’s biggest Photography Studio and Training Centre, as a series of Prints and original Polaroids and will feature over 120 images and is curated by both Georgie Hobday and M.Halls, a limited edition book of the work will also be available.

There will be a Press and Private View on Thursday 6th May from 6pm with a chance to meet both
Photographer and the model Georgie. The exhibition dates are 7/8/9 + 29/30/31 May. Mail for further details. 01273 609 600

13-16 Vine Street Brighton BN1 4AG

Win a print by Kevin Mason.

I am giving away a Portfolio print of Elin, from an editorial I shot about a year ago because its Friday and I’m in a good mood, or have drunk too much coffee already.

This is the shot, its a 16″x12″ digital print from Colourstream.

Print of Elin, Shot on OM1. 16

All you have to do to win is look at the image below and tell me what its from, and part 2 (its related) name my Favourite movie then mail . At 5pm I’ll randomly pick one correct answer and you’ll get the print. Its that simple. Dont worry if your not sure, I’ll do another one next friday….

Edit: I am looking for Two seperate answers.

Question Pic

Calling all Brighton Bands

Now that the Vanity Project has only 3 weeks left to go, Kevin has started a new film based project documenting the enigmatic frontmen of Brighton bands.

Danny- Frontman of Trippin Violet

Danny- Frontman of Trippin Violet

So if you front a Brighton based band and want to be shot by Kevin then please get in touch. Its a free shoot and in return for a model release we will give you a License to Use the image for Promo for a specified time period as well, to apply just send a link to your band website/myspace/FB page and we will get in touch with you. Each shoot will probably only take 30mins/1 hour, and you’ll receive a scan of the shot a few days after which you’ll be free to use… We wont be able to shoot everyone that replies but we will pick the most wide ranging talent that we can, it doesnt matter what genre your music is…

Kevin has a long history of working with bands shooting many promos, and having work published in Guardian Guide, NME, BBC1 online, Festival Guides, MTV online and many more. Please just get in touch

Frontmen refers to men and women… Oh and if you know any bands we really should check out then also drop us a line.