Portraiture Course

Do you want to shoot great Portraits, and create images which inspire people to look at your work?

This course is open to people of all abilities and aimed at those who wish to understand the principles involved in creating a captivating and absorbing portrait, from the key principles of portraiture to engaging with your subject, to lighting techniques.

Areas of tuition will include:

* The key principles involved in portraiture
* Exploring the work of key photographers
* Studio lighting set ups and techniques
* An exploration of individual style and avenues of development

In each session we look at the work of a key photographer such as Richard Avedon or Nadav Kander, who utilise their distinctive vision to make their mark on their images, exploring their style and the methods they employ to do this. This will progress to guided shooting sessions in the studio where you will have the opportunity to re-create these and other typical studio lighting techniques, learning how to engage and interact with your subject to get the best out of them and your image. We provide all lighting, and a lighting diagram with advice how to replicate this outside of our working studio. You do need not need lighting experience for this course, though an interest in lighting techniques or natural light will be of real benefit.

The cost of either the one day, or the night course is £155, and space is limited to 6 people for more individual teaching focus and attention. We provide a range of models, both male and female and different ages for this course.
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You will be encouraged to work independently in between sessions, developing your own distinctive style, and will receive constant support and feedback in the form of weekly critiques during the period of the course. Each week we set a homework practical and review these, and your in-studio sessions the following week, offering critique and advise.

The course will be taught by professional photographer who has many years experience in shooting portraits for the creative and magazine industries as well as one of Garage Studios assistant photographers, who all create personal portraiture work. As with all our courses, the portraiture course will be taught with a very hands on approach, and as everyone is different we will focus on helping you to understand your camera, and your technique whilst coaxing out and developing your own individual style.

Examples of Students work- shot on the course.

All models and lighting equipment are included in the cost of the course, so all your need to bring is your camera and your enthusiasm!

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Testimonials from students:

I’d highly recommend this course – there is a fantastic mix of critique, analysis of influential portrait photographers and hands-on practical work, all within a framework which gives you enough space to think about what you are photographing and why. I work as a children’s portrait and wedding photographer, and was wanting to find a course that challenged the way I was working, trying to work more into a meaningful connection between photographer and subject. The excellent tuition from Kevin and Dave really supported this, and has really given me a new perspective. Sara Reeve