Behind the scenes from Ophelia Fancy New Collection shoot.

Ophelia Fancy

On Wednesday night we had a shoot with lingerie designers Ophelia Fancy, they needed 2 images to showcase the collection, plus a promo image of themselves to put on the website. In house photographer Kevin Mason ran this shoot, with Assistant Natasha Alipour-Faridani.

We have an intern currently working at the Studio, Tom Chambers, who has been doing some really great work and has impressed us with his video skills. He shot this behind the scenes build up and shoot for us, on his Canon7D and knocked out a quick edit today- we may make something a little tighter soon- but wanted to get this out before everyone leaves their offices for the day.

Behind Scenes of Ophelia Fancy shoot at Garage Studios from Garage Studios on Vimeo.

The shoot concept and styling was by Stevi and Em of Ophelia Fancy. Hair and Make-Up was all by Myrtle from Square Roots. First Assistant- Natasha Alipour-Faridani, Studio Assistant Mary Pryce. Video and Studio Assistant Tom Chambers.

We hope that you like the video, shows a little more about what goes on in a shoot. The lighting was mainly a Honeycomb direct onto the model, and a Snoot adding extra light to the face/torso, approx a stop over the shooting exposure. The remaining wrap around light came from two silver umbrellas, and 2 heads into Silver bounce boards, approx 2 stops under the shooting exposure. There were no gels on any of the lights.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book us for a shoot, or Art Direction.

Ophelia Fancy SS10

Ophelia Fancy SS10

Ophelia Fancy

Photoworks talks at Brighton Sallis Benney Theatre

Photoworks are holding another series of talks, this time they are focussed on ‘the nature and use of objects within the representational space of the photographic image’. The talks are open to all and General Admission is £5, £2.50 concessions.

The first talk is tonight and features Ori Gersht- who has a 15yr body of work with photography and film to explore history and metaphor, and journeys in which the the nature of place and geography is intertwined with the idea of metaphysical space.

Please see flyer below… Photoworks talks 1
Photoworks talks 2

work experience person needed


Garage Studios are looking for a work experience person to come into the studios one day a week to help out with marketing the studio

We need someone to come in one day a week and help with:

• Dreamweaver & Photoshop work.
• Build newsletters from existing templates.
• Update blog.
• Assist with redesign of website.
• Update social media (flickr, twitter, facebook, myspace, linkedin etc).
• Help with marketing of the studio.
• General admin work.
• Help with quotes & pitches to clients.
• Put together PDF’s.
• Graphic design skills.
• Assist with the production of photo shoots

We are looking for a responsible individual with either experience or a good understanding of the work above. They should be highly motivated and keen to gain experience of working in a professional photography studio / creative office environment.

They will gain access to the photography studio and equipment; as well as experience of working on photo shoots and how a creative business operates. An interest in photography would be an advantage, but marketing skills would be just as desirable.

Garage Studios are Brighton’s biggest photography studios and training centre. We have four in-house photographers, each specialising in different areas. We have a fully equipped professional photography studio available to hire. As well as running training courses on all aspects of photography, from understanding your DSLR to a full fashion editorial workshop.

If you are interested in this position, please send a brief description of your experience and what you feel you may be able to offer Garage Studios to

The closing date for applications is Friday 5th Feb.

Behind the scenes from a recent studio hire

On Tuesday we hired the studio out to photographer Wayne Matthews-Stroud and James Allwright from Kings Colleges – an international education company that offers academic and English studies to students from around the world. They were producing some shots for their summer vacation courses marketing material. The photos will be appearing in the international education trade magazine, Language Travel Magazine , and this month is part of 12 months of individually-themed photo shoots.

Kings Suitcase shoot

This first shoot of their campaign featured a still life of a suitcase stuffed full of sporting equipment; an exaggerated image designed to show off the wide range of activities students can enjoy while on their vacation courses. This week we’ve also had Tom Chambers, a student from the University of Brighton in on work experience; who was able to film and edit the behind the scenes video and create a time-lapse of some of the individual product shots too, and we hope to get him videoing on the next shoot

Fashion Editorial Shoot Video at Garage Studios

Kevin Mason and team shot a Fashion editorial recently and one of our buddies Andy Parker came along to film some footage on his Nikon D300s, unfortunately late running and battery issues means he missed all of Matt Halls amazing set work, and Tash’s killer lighting on the final set-ups, but we think this film gives a little feel of what its like to shoot with Kevin and the team. (The odd colour balance is caused by our red halogen lights- which we use to heat the studio when shooting with strobes).

Georgie Hobday- Thuggin With Passion @garage studios

Georgie Hobday- Thuggin With Passion @garage studios

The model is Georgie Hobday, a Garage Regular, and outstanding talent, who was picked due to her love of Notorious BIG and Wu-Tang for this English Rose meets Thugged Out HipHop themed shoot. All the furs are vintage and models own, the Styling is by Emma SandhamKing, with Jewellery from Baroque, more credits to follow.

There was a big Garage Team on this shoot, but lighting was Natasha Alipour-Faridani (our in house Product photography expert- who also teaches on our Studio Lighting courses) and all Hair and Make-Up by Square Roots, North St Brighton.

The filming of this was a last minute thing, but we are going to try and get more coverage on our Fashion shoots now, as we have all been so inspired by the Show Studio Live Feeds and we’ll get two cameras on it next time. Any thoughts or comments, good or bad, we’d love to hear them…

Editorial Shoot at Garage Studios…. from Garage Studios on Vimeo.

A quick visit from Brighton Stylists Stevi and Emma

Last friday, just as Kevin was headed home to a quiet night of reading Edwardian Poetry he was confronted by these ladies. Ophelia Fancy, work as stylists on many of our courses and almost all of our Fashion shoots, GangUp magazine etc, and they are a huge help to us in terms of props, set builds and ideas.

They were headed to a fancy dress party but decided we should go for a quiet beer first in the Eagle. People in this town are kinda used to seeing their great outfits… keep an eye out for more work with them soon. One day will dig through our archive and find out what else we have of them- but this was a Tribal look mixed with Day of The Dead (El Dia de los Muertos). So we took a quick snap on an Olympus Mjiu and went out for a beer. Well it sure beats poetry for a Friday Night.
Ophelia Fancy

Last nights shoot

this is just a sneak preview of a fairly unedited shot from last night, a lot of people have been asking so here it is….

No Grillz but a lot of fun…. Credits to follow. Model Georgie Hobday. Photographer/Direction Kevin Mason. Set M.Halls. Lighting Natasha Alipour-Faridani. Styling and Concepts Emma Sandham-King.

More to come….
Georgie Hobday shoot