FLASH: improve your Lighting photography course

We have just finished the first handful of the FLASH: improve your lighting, courses at Garage Studios in Brighton and are just booking up the next one. So if your interested please let us know and we can tell you more about them.

There will be a weekly evening one starting on Wednesday 14th January 7.30 - 9.30 costing £160, and a weekend one when demand is there costing £155. We already have a few people booked for the courses so please let us know if you want a space.

The first one was such a success, and all the students did so well. The level of creativity was amazing, they are all prolifically shooting away now and experimenting, and have a great understanding of flash on camera, and off camera.

Have a look below for some of the results of the course, and see these comments by some of the students:

“I did Garage Studio’s 4 week Strobist/DIY flash course and it was bloody marvelous. I had practically zero knowledge when I started and after only four evenings I can’t believe the pictures I can now take. Can’t wait to see what I can do after Part 2!”

“Garage Studios and the people who run this great photographic space is just what Brighton needs; fantastic space and equipment, run by people with skill and expertise. Having just finished a Strobist/Flash Techniques 4 week course with Garage Studios, I’m flashing away left right and centre and Im waiting for Strobist; Level 2. Great course, great teacher and just about great all round.”

if your interested in doing any of the courses on offer, please do get in touch.

The book launch

my oh my what a day……

yes it all went without a hitch, and a great night it was too. although just a few hours before opening it was utter pandamonium…..

oh well all the beer made up for all of that.

the prints looked amazing (even a local pro lab owner was impressed) the books were selling like hot (rock)cakes. we ended up with about three big dustbins full of green beer bottles to take down to the recycling and they all had to be put in one by one.

we have just had the post hangover full english and are beginning to feel human again.

the prints should be up until wednesday so if you want to come in and have a look at them, your more than welcome. although we will be closed over the weekend as we have a job in london, so its really only mon and tues. but if you haven’t seen them you must take a look as they look great and the studio works really well as a gallery space.

speaking of gallery spaces, we got so many comments on the space being used like this, that we will probably be doing some more in the future, so if you want to see anything here or would like to hire the space, please get in contact.

in the mean time have a look at some photos from last night taken by Loukia Avvakoumides (thank for these lukie

Garage Studios favorite LomoKev book launch this thursday!!!

A little zombie build up film

here is a little film, what we made, showing us working hard. you can see us, the extended team and the set, all coming together in a fraction of the time it actually took…….but you still have to wait to see the final image…ha ha

Zombie shock horror

Its been all go (in fact its been even go’er than its normally been) at the Garage Studios.

We had the mother of all shoots yesterday! with 6 models, two make up artists, 3 assistants and the usual GS crew. Not to mention a beautiful 1977 flame red ford capri, a green sofa and a real tommy gun and many more strange and wonderful items. It was a 13 hour day and everyone pulled together brilliantly and all that effort for just one picture.

The final image is being worked on right now, and will be up at some point soon. But in the mean time here are a few sneak peak shots. Please keep looking back here as we will also have some little film thingys posted as well as another blog…..

Anyway heres the teasers, please feel free to let us know your comments, thoughts rambles etc…..anyone out there?

LomoKev's flickr meet film

See below for the little film that LomoKev made of the flickr meet.

October Flickr Meet


Well, it’s the first blog entry for the gang at Garage Studios. And what a week we are having…..we just held the October Brighton Flickr Meet, at the studios, and we are still feeling the aftermath of having almost 50 flickrites over, for drinks and frolicks. We had a little area dedicated to using the studios lights, so that people could have a go at getting some different shots. LomoKev had his camera bike in the studio, which drew much attention and was probably the most photographed thing last night.
Its really looking like all our hard work is beginning to pay off…

Up and coming – we have the mother of all shoots happening here on Tuesday, and we can’t say too much about it at the moment, even though we are dying to ;-) .

But watch this space for more details…

oh yes, here we go with more photos from the flickr meet, a big thanks to Rob Orchard and A Moose in Brighton for these pics…….. and watch this space for LomoKevs movie thingy that he did with his 5D.