Holga & Diana Camera Workshop


Have you got a Diana or a Holga camera? Ever been frustrated at the images you got back from the developer? Not quite sure how to get the best out of the camera?

Well now you can come on a brand new workshop on the Cult Plastic Fantastic cameras that are the Diana and the Holga.

Garage Studios will be running workshops on how to get the most out of these cameras. Teaching you all about the cameras and the 120 medium format film they take. Showing you all the common mistakes that people make with them. But most importantly; sharing all of their tips and tricks! There will then be a short photography walk where you can practice some of the techniques learnt on the course.

The cost of this course is £65 and includes two rolls of film. The first course will take place on Sunday 7th February 2010.

If your interested in finding out more about this course or booking a place, GIVE US A SHOUT.

Christmas Images- for corporate, friends or family.

At Garage Studios we pride ourselves on fresh new ways to shoot great images, and with the Christmas season, we are getting into full swing, having just shot a corporate greeting image for a local Graphic design company, as well as a cover shoot for the Christmas issue of Source.

Now of course you might be thinking that the last thing you want to plan right now is anything Christmas based, but don’t worry we can do the planning for you, with a dedicated shoot producer and photographer, and can take all the pain out of the organising.

We can shoot anything from fun, light hearted images, to a simple shot of the team that you may want to send to all your clients, or a great image of the bosses inviting all the team to the office party, or even a perfect image for your company website over the festive season.

We can also come up with concepts that take you out of the limelight if your camera shy, but ensuring each time that we are creating a new unique image that clients, or friends and family will remember. We have a number of photographers here that will work on the idea with you and you just need to pick the style or content of the image- there are a few more individual images below. We have a lot of experience with dealing with budgets, art directors, company branding and even those in the team that would rather face a firing squad than dress up for a company shot. Plus we deal with it all with ease, leave the planning to us, we’ll make sure you can enjoy an afternoon beer, have some fun, and get a great but professional image ready to mail out in time for the office party…..

All of our files are delivered both print and web ready so you can drop your chosen shot in a mailout or get it printed and send it out to contacts. Give the staff a afternoon out of the office and bring them down to the Studio and see what we can do for you.

If you want to find out more about what Garage Studios can do for you this Christmas…..CLICK HERE TO GET IN CONTACT

Here are just a few of the examples from previous years (without the company branding, text etc…)






ex student has exhibition

One of our ex students Mike aka The sunshine pirate is having an exhibition of some of his photography at Northern Lights, 6 Little East Street, Brighton. BN1 1HT. The show runs from Tuesday 1st Dec- 14th. Opening night/ drinks start at 7ish. If you’re about go check it out.


pink on my shoes-1


Fashion Editorial Course- This weekend 28th/29th Nov

Due to a last minute cancellation, we have one place left on our Fashion Editorial course that is set to go ahead this weekend, 28/29th Nov in Brighton. The course is run by Kevin, and his assistant Natasha, who has shot a lot of fashion and founded GangUp Magazine- which is dedicated to beautiful editorials. We will be providing an experienced and enthusiastic model, who has been published in editorials and covers. We also provide our favourite stylists Stevi and Emma of Ophelia Fancy, who have styled numerous shoots, parties and TV styling, and of course there will be a professional MakeUp artist throughout the day.

The course will look at the idea of creating a story through your images, working with a team, directing a model and producing a great edit. We will discuss the submission process and how to get the best out of your creative team, as well as looking specifically at lighting. For further details click this …..

Denison Boston LookBook

Denison Boston LookBook

Newhaven Editorial

Newhaven Editorial

Creative and inspiring Christmas presents

Photography Gift Vouchers

Is someone you know fanatical about photography, expecting a new digital camera for Christmas or are you looking to inspire a creative person and give them a present that is an experience. Our courses are aimed at developing skills in an enjoyable and fun way.

At Garage Studios we offer gift vouchers that can be put towards any of our photography courses or any other of our services. They are available in denominations of £25 so you can either choose to help someone save for their course or give them the gift of a full course. We have courses and training to suit beginners and professionals, as well as tailor made one to one training and we are busy developing and lining up courses for the New Year.

If you wish to give one of our courses as a present please give us a call at the studio or send us a message about our gift vouchers.

Courses include

You and Your DSLR Aimed at those wanting to get to grips with the functionality of their camera.

FLASH: An introduction to DIY flash techniques Understanding how your flash works and how to get the correct exposure. Also covering taking your flash off camera and improving your lighting.

Hot Shots with Lomo Kev Highlighting and explaining various photographic techniques, qualities, and effects, using practical exercises and simple technical information.

Creative Photography An 8 week evening course looking at developing a personal approach to photography.

Studio Lighting parts 1 and 2 Practical course designed at explaining the various equipment and techniques used in studio lighting through to advanced studio lighting set ups and shooting to a brief and directing models.

Built For Sin lookbook shoot at Garage Studios

The ever wonderful model, designer and drummer SJ Whiteley asked us recently to shoot her new collection for the label she runs, Built For Sin. I think the full range of the collection will be up on her site soon, and we will update links when it goes up, but we thought we’d include a few outtakes as it was a pretty amusing shoot.

The backdrop was designed and painted by Brighton based illustrator and set artist Brain Of Alex Young. on top of some very wrinkled wallpaper, and was based on Jim Phillips skate graphics, whilst taking colours and themes from the actual Built For Sin collection, with additional set work and direction by M.Halls.

So here are a few outtakes, in between lighting tests, shot by K.Mason asst by N.Alipour-Faridani, oh dont worry we did actually get some proper photos as well and we have included one of SJ just so you believe us…

Built for Sin

Built for Sin

Built for Sin 2

Built for Sin 2

Built for Sin

Built for Sin-SJ

wired sussex pop up studio


We took the pop up studio down to the Wired Sussex ‘Make it into Media’ event in Brighton last week, as well as doing some event photography for them. The day was a great sucess and we managaed to shoot lots of people on the day.

if you want to see all the images from the ‘pop up studio’ click the link.

In love with low tech



If you look on page 86 in this months Pro Photo magazine, you’ll see a lovely article on Garage Studios and the lomo / holga wedding that we did a few months ago.

We were asked a while ago to shoot a wedding on lomo and holga cameras and the lovely Charlotte Griffiths from Pro Photo magazine saw our blog post and asked if she could write an article on us.

If you’d like to see some more lomo / holga wedding photography click the link.

Tales from 2 weeks work experience at Garage Studios

My name is Rupert and for the past 8 week I have been on a Princes Trust course, doing a City and Guilds course on Personal Development and Contributing to the community. Which has been brilliant fun so far and I’m looking forward to the next 4 weeks till the end of the course! I’ve met some amazing people and I look forward to keeping in touch with them for years to come!

For the last two weeks of the course I have been on Work Experience with a small company with big potential in the heart of the Laine in Brighton, East Sussex. I came into this knowing a little bit about how to use a SLR, composition of photos and how to use Photoshop. Also how a photo studio works. Garage Studios is headed by Adam Bronkhorst the Studio manager; who is also one of three very good In-House photographers.

My first week here at Garage Studios was very strange as I arrived on Monday and was thrown in at a very strange deep end; as I had to really take a back seat and watch Kevin Mason on a Fashion shoot for a client. It was rather amazing watching him work away but it was really mayhem everywhere else, but none the less it was a different experience from what I was maybe expecting to happen!

The rest of the week was a little less stressful I was set a project to try and find some photographers that I’d never heard of before and say why I liked them and this was very interesting I also found a great photo sharing site Flickr! Off of which I found many new influential photographers and I am bound to use this site more now and use it for future reference.

I also helped design a flyer on Photoshop for Garage Studios which at then end of the first week I had completed and Adam had given it the all clear which I was very proud of because there was a lot of changing the photos around some of text had all gone tits up. But with a cool head and the help of Matt the other ‘In-house’ photographer we fixed it.

On Monday I went down to the printers and ordered 5000 of the flyers that I had helped design. To start handing out at an Event Adam and I are attending to help document the day and take along the ‘Pop-up’ Studio.

On Tuesday I helped Adam out on a Photo shoot for a client that wanted some photos for a Christmas postcard to send out. They wanted it to be really cheesy Christmas style so we had gone out and hired some bad Christmas jumpers (you know the ones that your grandma knits you and you really hate it but you feel obliged to wear it or your forced to by your parents just for Christmas Day). I helped Adam set up all the lighting and Christmas lights for the backdrop, also set up a soft box which was a lot easier than when I first tried setting it up the previous Monday. I helped out as well to set up the focus for the camera posing in as a model, which was a little different.
I’ve also done some research into Event companies and seeing if they would like us to come to any of their events and use our ‘Pop-up’ Studio. to take pictures of people coming to the event and documenting the event.

On Thursday, Adam, Tash and I went out to the Corn Exchange to shoot an event for Wired Sussex, the event was called Make It Into Media , they had local businesses, Universities and Colleges all talking about what they had to offer Post-Grads and Under-Grads alike. We arrived at 11.30 and had a quick change around, as the place where we were going to set up was not really there. After a few minor adjustments we eventually set up the ‘Pop-Up’ Studio, which consisted of a backdrop with the Garage Studios Banner and a gray background sheet, with a Beauty dish placed above the camera. The day seemed to be a big success with people such as Brighton’s Mayoress turning up to have a look around the event. The ‘Pop-Up’ Studio seemed to go down really well as we took lots of pictures of Students, lectures and business people from all over Brighton and Sussex. There where also a few people interested in what we do as a company and I tried to give them the best impression of what Garage Studios do. Such as: Photography Course, One to One Training,, Studio Photo shoots, Youth Work Shops and the ‘Pop-up’ Studio.

I have really enjoyed my time at Garage Studios and wishes them all the best in the future. Special Thanks to Adam Bronkhorst for allowing me to do these two weeks work experience and giving me an insight into the daily happening of a Photography Studio. I’ve had a really amazing time here. I hope to come back and see them again and see how they are getting on and to show them my work in progress..

Cheers to Adam Bronkhorst for letting come and bother him for two weeks. Kevin AKA DarkDaze for letting me watch him work and giving me some advice and support and Matt for just giving me some different tasks to do while I’ve been here! But not forgetting Tash for being a good laugh on Thursday at the event so that I wasn’t totally bored!


Garage Studios Pop-Up studio available for events.

Are you planning an event or function soon, if so maybe you could do with the services of Brighton’s very own Pop-Up photography studio. Our photography service provides studio quality images of your guests with little fuss, no disruption and we don’t even need a big space to shoot in. In fact we have become quite adept at turning up at numerous venues and getting some great images of groups, party goers, kids. You can see some of these images in the Galleries or Blog post linked below, but we have done everything from Private Views of Art shows, Shop Openings, Conferences, Freshers Ball and Magazine Launches.

So if you are organising a conference, a Ball, a dance, a New Years Eve party, an office party then please get in touch and ask about our rates, we start a very simple 2 hour booking, but can incorporate any hours, event and pretty much any location. Its a great way to get staff, your team, guests involved in the night, plus we offer increased traffic to your site with gallery hosting of the images, and prints available on the night (this service must be booked in advance).

Heavy Artillery Private View

Beyond Retro Brighton store Launch

Brighton Freshers Ball

GangUp Magazine Launch

Brighton Pride 2009

Fight Night in Hove