Zine Making with Matt Martin.

This is an exciting course with Photographer and Curator Matt Martin focusing on the DIY approach of Zine making, printing, publishing and distributing your work.
The course starts in July and runs for 4 weeks from 7-9pm and costs just £95. Concessions available for students/unemployed. We will also be offering this as a summer course .

This is a chance to get away from the computer screen and get back to what we all love, having images in our hands, and copies of publications to look at and keep. At the end of the course you will walk away with something you helped shoot, edit, and make.

To attend the course you will need 8-10 images as an introduction to your work, and show where your interests are but we will also be supplying you with some cameras during the course to shoot new work of your own. It takes a keen eye and a strong edit to produce a zine and Matt will work with you as a group to achieve this over the course of 4 weeks. This is very much a hands on course, not only will you be shooting, and given exercises to shoot to, but you will also be printing, copying and curating images both individually and as a group.

Matt is behind the popular blog We Are Lucky and is currently working on a new publication. He has been talked about by sites such as Dazed Digital and produces quality work at a breakneck pace, self-publishing and gaining a large online and ‘real’ world following and is still only 23. Interview with Matt here.

Week 1 Matt will talk about his own images, the history and revival of zines and his interest in curating the work of other photographers into zines. As a group you will also review your own images and the work of others in the class, with an aim to decide what sort of zine and edit to make. You will also be given an exercise to shoot before the following week and handed a camera to shoot it on. (Digital images are acceptable but we will be actively encouraging you to shoot film).

Week 2 there will be a pin-up of work with a discussion on the images each person has shot or shown and also how to curate the work into one form. You will be given advice on how to both shoot and edit for next week with the aim of the group zine in mind. Second camera given out to shoot on for the next week.

Week 3 the main curating of the work will take place in this week as well as a look at layout, and design of the zine.

Week 4 the final zine will be produced with a copy for each person on the course, again this is a very ‘hands on’ week so you will be printing images in the studio as well as making a physical copy of the zine.

If you would like to book on this course just mail us info@garage-studios.co.uk