Your life is my vanity project, Press release

April 21, 2010


‘What would be the point in being in a photograph if you could choose who saw it?’

Georgie Hobday.

6th May - Press launch

7th, 8th, 9th May

29th, 30th and 31st May

As one of Brighton’s most in demand fashion photographers Kevin Mason has seen hundreds of the most interesting girls appear in front of his lens. But a chance encounter in a cafe with 16 year-old Georgie Hobday led to a project that developed into 30 weeks of photoshoots over 8 months.

Coming at a huge point of change for the pair, both individually and in their relationship, the thousand photos of ‘Your Life Is My Vanity Project’ plot the important transformations both physically and emotionally as Georgie turns 17 and Kevin embraces a complete U-turn in his photographic outlook.

Across a range of film formats - from large format and Polaroids to Boots disposables - eight months of shooting has revealed not just a huge range of images but has also brought Kevin to a completely new way of working. Adept at huge technical set up shots that took as long as weeks to plan and piece together, Georgie made Kevin stop, watch and engage.

So affecting was the project that it played a major part in Kevin killing off his world famous DarkDaze alter ego in favour of embracing this relaxed way of photography. He even started using his real name. This isn’t just a collection of photos - it’s a life-changing event for the photographer at a time when his model is going through at least as many changes.

Week one begins as an endlessly repeating look of abject detachment, in 29 weeks (the project concludes at 30 weeks) have we learnt anything about the subject, the medium or who is in control? Each session Kevin set deliberately forced encounters, on location, in studio and in both photographer and subject’s house. But regardless of all these factors, all that exists each week is the distilled image of Georgie Hobday.

The context for these shots is never revealed, devoid of text or any explanation what remains is a fascinating look at a person as subject of scrutiny.

The work is being presented by Sponsors Garage Studios, Brighton’s biggest Photography Studio and Training Centre, as a series of Prints and original Polaroids and will feature over 120 images and is curated by both Georgie Hobday and M.Halls, a limited edition book of the work will also be available.

There will be a Press and Private View on Thursday 6th May from 6pm with a chance to meet both
Photographer and the model Georgie. The exhibition dates are 7/8/9 + 29/30/31 May. Mail for further details. 01273 609 600

13-16 Vine Street Brighton BN1 4AG

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