FLASH: Improve your lighting course

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This course will help you understand flash lighting in any situation, covering your equipment and the professional techniques that we use in in the studio and taught with a hands on approach.

On the course you will learn about:

• Different lighting techniques
• How and why we use light in photography
• How your flash gun works
• The different equipment used for off-camera flash
• How to get the correct exposure for any situation
• Balancing natural light with your flash
• Changing the colour of your flash
• Professional studio techniques: how to turn a white wall dark or keep it brilliant white

Typical itinerary:

Morning session:

We’ll start by looking at the basics of lighting and the principals of how and why you light on- and off-camera. We believe it is always worth studying lighting principles, as it will build a good foundation for the rest of the course.

You’ll then learn about the equipment used, from flashes and gels to adapters and umbrellas, and how to make or buy these cheaply.
The morning session will conclude with understanding your camera and flash gun and how you can achieve the most from them. We’ll start on the basics of off-camera flash and exposure, ensuring you achieve the perfect light every time.

Afternoon session:

We’ll go more in depth with exposure to help you become a lighting specialist, studying how light, aperture, ISO and shutter speed work together. You can then experiment with a one flash set-up, where with a hands-on approach you can practice what you’ve learnt.
You will get to understand standard lighting set ups that you can then adapt and build upon, and learn how to make a background light or dark, balance ambient light, soft and hard light, and understanding colour temperature. One example is the student who shot product photography for https://www.amazon.com/Secret-Bouquet-The-Rose-Toy/dp/B09PZKW9T1. I think you'll agree that the photos are top notch. Their training in our flash course really helped the quality here.

You will be able to feel confident about lighting in most situations and getting a professional lighting look to your pictures from one standard, relatively inexpensive, hot shoe flash.

For the course you will need:

• A DSLR camera and compatible flash (with manual settings)
• A notebook & pen
• Some understanding of camera basics (shutter speed, aperture and ISO)

The four week course will cover the same material, split instead into four two hour sessions.

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