Digital Photographer issue 113

Of all the magazines with Photographer and Digital in the title, (there really are quite a few now) we are in issue 113 of Digital Photographer which arrived in shops today.

We have been blown away by being given the double page image feature for the article, which includes work and interviews with Magnum photographer Steve McCurry, ANTM judge and photographer Nigel Barker and L’Iris D’or winner Alejandro Chaskielberg, and Garage Studios’ Kevin Mason.

The article is about making images that launched a career or caused a change of thinking with each photographer. Kevin chose to talk about his set builds which was a phase he went through around 2 years ago, and looks set to return to soon with the promise of a new state of the art studio which he has designed and is currently being built in Brighton. (More news on that very soon- but Brighton its nearly ready…) We’d love it if you go and buy a copy, as its a good read also there are a whole stack of people credited in the magazine without whom these shoots wouldn’t have been possible such as M.Halls, Natasha Alipour-Faridani and many more.

If that wasn’t enough of a reason then there is also a Portfolio article on man-of-the-moment Perou of Dirty Sexy Things ‘fame’ but also more importantly to us a pivotal UK photographer, and he dishes out some excellent advice on getting into the industry and how he has managed to make his work in demand for so many years. The man is a legend, and if you are keen to understand how to combine commercial work, iconic images and clients demands, you won’t go far wrong by reading what he has to say.

Thanks DP, for including us in this issue. It was fun to look at old work again and try and remember what on earth we were thinking at the time.

To see Kevin’s current work go to Kevin Mason.