Lower Ninth Ward- New Orelans

September 24, 2010

It has been five years since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. One of the most severely damaged areas was the Lower Ninth Ward a traditionally poor and disadvantaged part of the city. Much of New Orleans has been rebuilt, and the tourists have returned in force, the Lower Ninth Ward though still shows only pockets of re-development and investment, and less than a quarter of the community have returned.

Kevin visited this neighbourhood last week and we will be showing some of the images here in the blog. For the minute, here are some scans of the prints just to give you an idea of what he documented. What remains now is a very strange mix of empty plots, abandoned houses for sale, churches and new developments often all within the same single block. There is also a link below the images to some BBC footage filmed this August, almost 5 years to the day that the Hurricane hit.

There will be more to follow when the negatives have been scanned.
BBC short report

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