Garage Studios do wedding photography…..

September 7, 2010

We get asked a lot to shoot Weddings, but as you’ll see from our site we don’t shoot weddings, we can recommend a few Brighton Photographers but its not really something we do…. unless of course you have a really special idea, or fantastic service in mind. So last weekend we found ourselves sleeping in a Teepee on a boutique campsite in the heart of the Sussex countryside. The bride and groom Danny and Kim are a fantastic couple. They wanted us to shoot film and large format Polaroids, and as they had a beautiful setting, with an amazing amount of care and dedication going into their day we just couldn’t say no to them on this occasion. You can see a few of the images below- two truly unique people, who made us incredibly proud to be their with them. You may also notice that Danny is the owner and author for PulpPress who Natasha and Kevin shot promo pictures for some months ago. A truly brilliant day was had by all…..

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